In order to function in the framework of today’s modern law enforcement, it is essential that there be not only pertinent Police Chiefs Associations for various counties but sectional organizations who can properly present their problems and analyze their programs in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.

This was readily apparent in Central Pennsylvania, particularly since there is a lack of large departments, and the formation of a Central Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association was designed to fulfill a vital need in protecting our communities, strengthening police cooperation and materially assisting in the coordination of overall effort. 

For a long time many progressive chiefs in the are discussed this matter, and on June 25, 1957, 25 chiefs of police in jurisdictions comprising Central Pennsylvania met at Dell Delight Park, Hollidaysburg, for the purpose of forming today’s present organizations. 

One of the foremost organizers in the group was Chief Vaul E. Rouzer of Altoona, who at that time was First Vice President of the Pennsylvania Chief os Police Association. At this meeting it was agreed that the organization would be composed of persons with the rank of Chief, Assistant Chief, and Captain. 

Chief Rouzer was elected the First President of the Organization, Charles R. Griffith, then Chief of Police at Johnstown (now retired), was elected Vice President, and Lesser C. Most, now retired, former Chief of Police, Altoona Works of the Pennsylvania Railroad, was elected Secretary-Treasurer. 

There was little argument regarding the name of the Association, and it was decided it would be known as the “Central Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association” and it has preserved that name.

We feel that our organization has served a definite purpose and that our strength today is indicative of our progress throughout the years. We have not only preserved our own identity, but have functioned with all other Associations throughout the state. We are very proud that in addition to Chief Rouzer having been President of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, that we were able to furnish from our ranks two additional State leaders, one being the lamented Chief James W. Hutchinson, who died while in office, and the other being President, Chief Shannon C. Hartland of Westmont. 

We want to take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation to the many law enforcement officials throughout the state who have assisted us in matters of mutual interest, and we wish to pledge to the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association our loyalty and interest in advancing the profession of law enforcement.